Mikael Lind

Mikael Lind is Associate Professor and Senior strategic research advisor at RISE, and has initiated and headed several open innovation initiatives related to ICT for sustainable transport of people and goods.?

The Maritime Ecosystem Needs Innovation to Avoid "Paving the Cow"

By Mikael Lind 12-09-2020 03:20:00

Posted in: Shipping

by Mikael Lind, RISE (Research institutes of Sweden), Hanane Becha, UN/CEFACT, André Simha, MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Com...

Sustainable Ports as Energy Hubs

By Mikael Lind 11-26-2020 04:03:50

Posted in: Ports

[By Mikael Lind, Stefan Pettersson, Jörgen Karlsson, Bart Steijaert, Patrik Hermansson, Sandra Haraldson, Monica Axell, Almir...

Information Communities for Digital Supply Chain Visibility

By Mikael Lind 10-16-2020 02:33:22

Posted in: Shipping

[By Mikael Lind, Hanane Becha, Margi van Gogh, Norbert Kouwenhoven, Wolfgang Lehmacher, Erik Lund, Henk Mulder, Niall Mu...

Keeping Ship Agents and Shipbrokers up to Pace

By Mikael Lind 09-17-2020 04:46:19

Posted in: Ports

[By Mikael Lind, Jonathan C. Williams, Sue Probert and Juan Carlos Croston] Digitalization offers opportunities for a...

A Primer for a Profitable and Sustainable Maritime Business

By Mikael Lind 09-15-2020 01:57:21

Posted in: Shipping

[By Mikael Lind, Richard Watson, Chye Poh Chua, David Levy, Socrates Theodossiou, Omer Primor, and Alexio Picco] There are two...

Op-Ed: Why Ports and Maritime Stakeholders Need to Share Their Data

By Mikael Lind 08-20-2020 03:50:24

Posted in: Ports

[By Mikael Lind, RISE; Hanane Becha, UN/CEFACT; André Simha, MSC; Francois Bottin, CMA CGM; and Steen Erik L...

Digital Twins for the Maritime Sector

By Mikael Lind 07-15-2020 08:38:00

Posted in: Shipping

[By Mikael Lind, Hanane Becha, Richard T. Watson, Norbert Kouwenhoven, Phanthian Zuesongdham and Ulrich Baldauf] Decision makin...

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