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Harry Valentine


Mr. Valentine has a degree in mechanical engineering from Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada specializing in thermodynamics (energy conversion) and transportation technology. He has worked as a technical journalist for the past 10-years and has more than 2 decades of research in the transportation industry.

Typhoon Wind Turbines and Maritime Propulsion

Beginning over a decade ago in response to powerful winds destroying wind turbines, Japanese researchers began developing wind tur...

Renewed Prospects for an India – Europe Railway Line

By Harry Valentine 11-12-2020 05:15:37

Posted in: Ports

The election of Mr. Biden to the office of US President signals possible changes in American foreign policy that could extend to a...

Harnessing the Current to Power Winch Boats

By Harry Valentine 11-03-2020 06:23:38

Posted in: Shipping

Traditional emissions-free boat racing has involved oars and sails. More recently, riders aboard pedal-powered hydrofoil boats com...

A New Option for Efficient Low-Speed Propulsion

By Harry Valentine 10-25-2020 11:56:00

Posted in: Shipping

Factors such as rotational speed and the volume flowrate of the water stream compared to sailing speed determine propulsive effici...

Liquid Air Storage for Port Vehicle Propulsion

By Harry Valentine 10-14-2020 09:57:21

Posted in: Ports

During the early to mid-20th century, onboard compressed air storage provided propulsive energy for mining locomotives that pulled...

Post-Pandemic High Speed Maritime Transport

The COVID-19 pandemic has reduced domestic and international passenger airline travel to the point where airlines have been laying...

Transporting Potable Water by Sea

By Harry Valentine 09-22-2020 03:48:34

Posted in: Shipping

The combination of occasional drought conditions in some regions and excess rainfall in other regions invites exploration into mov...

Maritime Container Shipping and Rising Sea Levels

By Harry Valentine 09-13-2020 03:45:54

Posted in: Ports

Several studies undertaken internationally into the effects of changing world climate have focused on the warming Arctic region al...

Small-Scale Nuclear Power for Commercial Ship Propulsion

By Harry Valentine 08-30-2020 12:28:03

Posted in: Shipping

An initiative by former Microsoft CEO Bill Gates offers the possibility of adapting evolving nuclear technology to future commerci...

Using Liquid Air for Energy Storage and Maritime Propulsion

In the area of renewable energy vessel propulsion, the scale of maritime vessel technology allows for application of grid-scale en...

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